Autumn Leaves Cocoa & Mug Gift Set
Product Code: 106089

Autumn Leaves Cocoa & Mug Gift Set

Our #1 Gift Basket Exclusive!

As the autumn leaves fall from the trees, surround those you care about in a hug of comforting hot cocoa and delicious baked goods!  This colorful autumn leaf print gift basket—complete with two leaf-themed stoneware mugs—celebrates fall and friendship with a feast of cool weather favorites like Ghirardelli® White Mocha Hot Beverage Mix, Delectable Double Chocolate Cocoa, mouthwatering Mississippi Mudpuppies and more.  It’s a family favorite and a friendly hello that leaves them feeling warm and thinking of you!

• Colorful autumn leaf print basket
• 2ea Autumn Leaf Decorated Stoneware Mugs
• DeBeukelaer®  Pirouline®  Chocolate Flavor Lined Wafer Rolls
•        Double Chocolate Cocoa
• Ghirardelli® White Mocha Hot Beverage Mix
• Mama Moore's®  Sugar Cookies
• Mississippi Mudpuppies

• Measures 12"L x 6.25"W x 14"H
Two, leaf themed stoneware mugs bundled with delicious edibles, and topped with a raffia bow
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