Birthday Treat Tower
Product Code: 106556

Birthday Treat Tower

Our #1 Gift Basket

Make their dreams of gourmet delights come true with this unique and beautifully designed tower of presents, each filled with their favorite chocolates and snacks. Let them unwrap the goodness of Godiva® Milk Chocolate Truffles, The Popcorn Factory® Kettle Popcorn, Cheryls Chocolate Chip Cookies, Harry London® 70% Dark Chocolate Squares, and more!

• 2.5 oz. Cheryls Chocolate Chip Cookies
• 4 oz. Chewy Chocolate Toffee
• 2.2 oz. Milk Chocolate Bavarian Pretzels
• 0.9 oz. Godiva® Milk Chocolate Truffles
• 1.68 oz. Harry London® 70% Dark Chocolate Squares
• 3 oz. Raspberry Bon Bons
• 6 oz. The Popcorn Factory® Kettle Popcorn

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