Tazo® Green Tea Spa Yoga Gift Set
Product Code: 96903

Tazo® Green Tea Spa Yoga Gift Set

Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Our #1 Gift Basket

Whether she’s a yoga pro or newbie, this beautiful warm-weather-inspired Yoga & Green Tea Spa Gift Bag makes a wonderful yoga gift. Created for beauty and convenience, this floral yoga tote bag holds Tazo® Zen® Green Tea, a 10-song Yoga-spa Music CD, Floral Yoga Tote Bag, and Reusable Water Bottle on the inside and a thick textured yoga mat on the outside; all the essential yoga gifts needed for a peaceful yet productive session!

Our bright orange yoga mat is both durable and stylish, with a textured non-slip surface plus a great length and width for any lucky yogi! Yoga mat is comparable to GoFit or YogaDirect mats. They’ll love the 10-song Yoga-spa Music CD, one of our favorite yoga gifts, that sets the mood for relaxation. And our added yoga gifts such as the matching Floral Yoga Tote bag, Tazo Tea® and matching reusable water bottle complete the set with a thoughtful touch only 1800baskets.com can provide!

  • Pretty Floral Yoga Floral Tote Bag has stretch straps to attach the thick, full-size textured yoga mat
  • Tazo Tea® Zen® Green Tea
  • 10-song Yoga-spa Music CD
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Measures 8-1/2”Hx5-1/2”Wx24”L
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