Dad's Best Poker Night Gift Basket
Product Code: 106731

Dad's Best Poker Night Gift Basket

Our #1 Gift Basket

A playful and delicious gift just for Dad. He'll love this high stakes handful of gourmet snacks that are sure to make game night a real crowd pleaser (even if they're only playing Solitaire). Inside the bin are Beer Nuts® Cashews, The Popcorn Factory® Kettle Popcorn, Seasoned Pub Mix, Mustard Dip with Honey Wheat Dipping Pretzels and more. And of course, we've also included a deck of cards.

  • 1 Deck of Cards
  • 4 oz. Shortbread Cookies
  • Beer Nuts® Cashews
  • Honey Wheat Braided Pretzels
  • Crescendo Sweet & Spicy Mustard Dip
  • Seasoned Pub Mix
  • Honey Wheat Braided Pretzels
  • The Popcorn Factory® Kettle Popcorn
Measures 10.5"L x 6"W x 13"H
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