December Fruit
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December Fruit

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Though they’re often found in cans, once you taste a fresh wedge of Satsuma Mandarin you’ll never dig for the opener again. This very sweet seedless citrus is known for its tender, reddish-orange flesh and loose, leathery skin that’s effortless to peel. Succulent in salads or ideal for a delicious treat on the go. Paired with crunchy Fuji Apples. First grown in Japan in the 1930s, the Fuji gets its profile from two favorite American varieties: its color, juiciness and firmness come from the Red Delicious, while its classic heirloom flavor is derived from the Ralls Genet. Excellent in salads, baked goods or eaten raw, the Fuji is large in size and remains fresh and ripe for months.

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