Fannie May Asst Choc Easter Chick Wrap
Product Code: 106944

Fannie May Asst Choc Easter Chick Wrap

Enjoy 1lb of assorted chocolates in our festive purple chic wrap.

Includes milk and dark chocolate-covered creams, nougats, toffees and more.
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<p>Sweet dreams are made of these creamy centers and each one is its own pleasing reward. You'll enjoy Fannie May's popular vanilla buttercreams, along with chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, orange, Trinidads and more. Each is covered in real dark, semi-dark or milk chocolate. If our rich buttercreams are your heart's desire, this is the treat for you!</p>
This essential assortment of fine Fannie May® chocolates includes real milk chocolate covered buttercreams, rich nougats, crunchy toffees and more. Give them a taste of what made us famous. Makes an unforgettably delicious gift.
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