Italian Pasta Colander featuring Coppola
Product Code: 102730

Italian Pasta Colander featuring Coppola

Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Our #1 Gift Basket Exclusive! Inspire them to create their own authentic Italian dinner at home with this gourmet favorite, Italian Pasta Colander featuring select fare from Francis Coppola’s Mammarella® line of fine Italian foods, so named after his mother, Italia. They’ll love the Coppola® Mammarella Basil Grapeseed Oil, Coppola® Gemelli Pasta, Coppola® Puttanesca Sauce, Lazzaroni® Bruschette with Olives plus Nonni’s® Original Biscotti, and Panealba® Griss d’Or Breadsticks – all packed in a pretty red enamel coated metal colander with a handy red and white checkerboard napkin. Mangia!

  • Makes a memorable (and delicious!) gourmet gift
  • Pretty Red Enamel Coated Metal Colander
  • Red & White Checkerboard Napkin
  • Amaretti Del Chiorsto® Cookies
  • Coppola® Mammarella Basil Grapeseed Oil
  • Coppola® Gemelli Pasta
  • Coppola® Puttanesca Sauce
  • Lazzaroni® Bruschette with Olives
  • Nonni’s® Original Biscotti
  • Panealba® Griss d’Or Breadsticks
  • Measures 15”Hx11”Wx12 ½”L
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