Why Stock Yards? Great for Father's Day, these BBQ Collections include chef-grade USDA Prime and USDA Choice steaks for grillin' & chillin' in the backyard.

A Cut Above the Rest

When you buy USDA Prime, you're receiving the best steaks and chops that money can buy. And when you buy USDA Prime from Stock Yards, it's a cut above the rest. Only the top 2% of all beef produced in the U.S. is selected. Stock Yards not only delivers these chef-grade steaks to the nation's best steakhouses, but it also delivers to your door.

When you buy USDA Choice steaks and chops from Stock Yards, expect chef-grade, fork-tender beef every time. USDA Choice is graded for its exceptional marbling and maturity that determines the tenderness, juiciness, and flavor of the meat.

The Stock Yards Difference

We always start with the very best grades of meat that are trimmed by our master butchers by hand and are wet-aged for 14 days to create the most tender steaks possible. Named for the Union Stockyards in 1893 Chicago, Stock Yards continues to provide USDA Prime steaks and chops to steak lovers in backyards and fine dining establishments alike.

Made in the USA

All of our beef is born on United States soil and fed with grains and corn that come from our nation's fertile land. We proudly support our farmers and our economy, knowing that the very best beef is raised right here at home. Never imported.

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