Fannie May 12 Ct Strawberries 12 Pc Artisan Bundle
Product Code: 106225

Fannie May 12 Ct Strawberries 12 Pc Artisan Bundle

Our #1 Gift Basket

The luxury of FM|Artisan and Fannie May® 100% Real Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries join together in this decadent bundle.

Big, delicious and decadent, Fannie May® Chocolate Covered Stemmed Strawberries are pure bliss. Whether you are treating yourself to a fantastic treat or giving a one-of-a-kind gourmet gift, these strawberries are sure to please.

Induldge in FM|Artisan's 12 Piece Gift Box.The vibrant taste spectrum of these ultra-premium chocolates are as diverse in color as they are in flavors ranging from new classics like Vanilla Cake and Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, to the intensely sophisticated flavors of 64% Dark Chocolate and Double Shot Espresso, to the alluring Hazelnut and Bourbon Vanilla confections.

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