Fannie May Party Chocolate Strawberries
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Fannie May Party Chocolate Strawberries

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Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
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If chocolate covered strawberries weren't already intoxicating this collection of cocktail inspired chocolate covered strawberries will get the party started.

Pick your poison from six indulgent flavors:

MOJITO : Combining the essence of rum with soulful mint, and a hint of lime smothered in white chocolate with green drizzle, this festive berry is a true reflection of the classic mojito.

MIMOSA:  Our white chocolate is enhanced with champagne and sweet orange juice flavor, then dipped in crystal sugar creating a fruity and refreshing berry, great for breakfast or dessert.

STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI: You will feel like you are on a tropical getaway with one bite. Our white chocolate is infused with Jamaican rum, lime and sweet strawberry, then decorated in red drizzle for added fun.

WHITE RUSSIAN:  Indulgent mocha dark chocolate covered strawberries are topped with white chocolate sprinkles.

MUDSLIDE Smooth and creamy milk chocolate is blended with Irish cream and coffee flavors to create a delicious replication of this famous cocktail.

PIÑA COLADA. Our white chocolate is infused with coconut, pineapple, and rum flavors, and then topped with real shredded coconut: you won’t get caught in the rain with this berry.

Our ingredients have been stirred and shaken to make your party extra-scrumptious. Cement your status as hostess with the mostest with these limited edition treats before they disappear.

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