Olympia Provisions European Salami Sampler Box
Olympia Provisions European Salami Sampler Box
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Award-winning and hand-made, Olympia Provisions, "The Best Charcuterie in America" artisan salami is crafted using authentic old world techniques and makes a great gift. It is absolutely mouth watering as a hearty snack, and the perfect centerpiece for any charcuterie board. Olympia Provision's Salumist Elias Cairo, grew up first generation Greek-American. His father made charcuterie at home doing things the old-fashioned way. Elias later traveled to Europe and there he rediscovered the art of curing meat. The markets and mountain towns of the old world were an inspiration for his craft — great tasting charcuterie. Give the gift of Olympia Provisons salami to your favorite foodie to celebrate special occasions. From garlicky and smoky to classic and traditional charcuterie, the gift recipient will love the fun, savory gift and superior quality in the European Sampler Box.

    A sampling of Salumist Elias Cairo's favorite salami from each country in a beautiful gift box.
    • Loukanika (loo-KAH-nik-ah) is a Greek salami flavored with equal parts garlic & cumin, and a touch of orange zest.
    • Chorizo Rioja (chor-IZ-oh ri-OH-ha) is a Spanish-style salami with both sweet & smoked paprika, garlic & oregano.
    • Nola is a classic Italian style salami with clove, oregano, garlic, and chili flake.
    • Saucisson Sec (Saw-sis-SAHN SEK) is a traditional French salami flavored with garlic & black pepper.