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Gift Ideas for Pet Loving Moms

Most people would agree that pets are part of the family, so we've come up with some unique gift ideas for Mother's Day to gift to Mom from the family pet(s)! Whether their furry (or not so furry) child is one of many kids, or the only one, getting a gift from your dog, cat, bird, guinea pig, snake, fish, turtle, ferret, rabbit, lizard, rat... well, you get the idea... is a great way to deliver an unexpected smile to Mom.

In the Mother's Day card message, we recommend the wording coming from the pet themselves. Some humor and personalization goes a long way to show mom how well you know her! Consider adding something personal that mom loves about her animal such as "Thanks for taking me for long walks, Mom!" or "I especially love when you pet me when we watch TV together on the couch!"

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Adogable or Dog shaped Flowers

Our a-DOG-able arrangements, featuring dog shaped flowers, allow you to send puppy moms flowers that will remind them of their furry friends! This Mother’s Day, we're introducing a new and exclusive flower pup that is sure to make mom smile. This adorable pup is detailed with a pink ribbon and charming straw garden hat! SHOP NOW >

Adogable or Dog shaped Flowers

Speaking of floral pups, we also have floral felines for the cat-loving mom. This truly original kitten floral arrangement is sure to leave mom smitten! SHOP NOW >

Cat & Dog Planters

If mom loves her pets and plants, these dog and cat planters make the perfect décor! These planters can be used outdoors or indoors. Put them on your porch to display to neighbors and guests, or show them proudly in your home as your newest four-legged friend. If you want to make sure your mom’s kitty or puppy doesn't get jealous :), you may consider sending some treats to mom’s fur child as an added bonus!

Gifts for Those Who Love Feathered Friends

If Mom prefers feathered friends or loves gardening and the outdoors, a birdhouse for her yard would be a great gift for years to come! Our Home Tweet Home Birdhouse will attract her favorite little feathered friends, which is perfect for bird watching and garden tranquility! SHOP NOW >

Perfect Gifts for the Proud Dog or Cat Owner

It's no secret that pet moms LOVE showing off their fur babies to just about anyone who is interested! Whether it’s posting a pet picture on social media, or showing pet images on her phone. A Mug in honor of her favorite fur child with a coordination magnetic ornament hanger is the fastest way to her heart this Mother's Day. Unlike phone images or social media posts, this proud pet mom can show off while enjoying her morning coffee or tea or displaying an image of her pet in the home or office. Go the extra mile with our sentimental Mother's Day collectible that she will always cherish!

Stuffed Bears and Jewelry, Oh My!

This Huggable bearington® Bear is the perfect gift for moms with a soft spot for all things adorable. It is paired with a box of delicious Cheryl's flower-shaped cookies to show mom just how sweet you can be! SHOP NOW >