1. English Tea Shop Advent Calendar
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Loose leaf tea in pyramid bags. Total Net Wt 50g

  • 2x gingerbread treat
  • 2x ghostly green,
  • 2x Irish holiday
  • 2x festive spice >li>1x winter warmer
  • 2x super star anise
  • 2x tropical lemongrass
  • 2x happy holiday
  • 2x post party refresh
  • 2x chai charge
  • 2x peachy keen
  • 2x spooky spice
  • 2x peppermint candy
  • Warm up during the chilly season with 25 days of delicious tea. This whimsical advent calendar features a selection of organic teas that are packed with care in Sri Lanka. We’ve included plenty of exciting flavors, such as gingerbread treat, ghostly green, Irish holiday, festive spice, winter warmer, super star anise, tropical lemongrass, happy holiday, post party refresh, chai charge, peachy keen, spooky spice, and peppermint candy. It’s perfect for counting down the days until Christmas, or if you’re giving it as a gift, will start the recipient’s New Year off with a cozy treat.

    1. English Tea Shop Advent Calendar