OMG! Superfoods Box
OMG! Superfoods Box
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At OMG! Superfoods, organic meets good. Incorporating a scoop of nutrient dense superfoods into your daily meals is the simplest way to start taking charge of your personal health and well-being today. It really is that easy. After extensive research, we’ve partnered with dedicated suppliers from Peru, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and others to bring you the best superfoods on the planet. Includes 1 unit of OMG Detox Blend 6oz, 1 unit of OMG Immunity Blend 6oz, 1 unit of OMG Beauty Blend 5.5oz OMG! Superfoods products are Certified organic and kosher. 3 jars in each gift box.

  • OMG! Detox Blend: Contains a superfood mix of moringa, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, kale, and dandelion extract to help you rid your body of toxins while increasing energy, bolstering the immune system, and restoring your body's delicate balance. This potent Detox Blend can be added to water, juice, almond milk and smoothies to give you a fast health boost.
    • OMG! Immunity Organic Superfood Blend: Fortify your immune system with a rich mix of cacao powder, camu camu, chaga mushroom, chlorella, reishi mushroom, and kale. Mix it in with your favorite drinks or add Immunity Superfood Blend to your hot cereal or yogurt for an instant immunity boost.
      • OMG! Beauty Superfood Blend: Add to your daily routine to discover beauty that begins from within. A mix of beet, maca, chaga mushroom, goji berry, maui berry, acai, and collagen peptides, this blend boosts the look of hair, skin, and nails while reducing the signs of aging with a rich formulation of antioxidants, vitamins, and more. Add it to smoothies and shakes, or mix it in plain water or juice.
      • Product Dimensions: 9 1/8" x 5 1/2" x 3 1/16"